About me



Who is Wouter de Graaff?

What brought me to start painting?

Everybody in the World should know the name of Bob Ross or have seen one of his tv shows where he painted to most wonderfull landscapes with paintbrushes as width as 2 inches or 5 centimeters. For years ago watching an episode of Joy of Painting with Bob Ross, I promised myself that one day I will start painting. Because what he can do I can’t do better ,but at least have a try. I was so fascinated by the way the man was painting and his attitude towards life.Years and years it stayed a promise till the day in Feb. 2007 we where on wintersport holiday in Austria. For a week in the village of Kirchberg we where having a lot of fun in the snow and made some visits to the city of Innsbruck and the factory of Swarowski.
You have to look after yourself and keep warm in a cold winter and what is a better way of keeping warm then drinking of a few alcoholic beverages?Looking for those kind of beverages in a local Kirchberg supermarket ,my eyes spotted a box prized at eight euro and fifty cents. Containing a table easel, twelve oilpaint colours, 6 pensels and a A4 canvasboard. I bought that box to have it in the house for another three months. One day in may 2007 the wife ask me what to do with that box that was standing there with dust on it. That was the start of my first ever painting, ofcourse a disaster compared to Bob, but heh!, you have to start somewhere ,mind you!
Not all of my painting are published on this site, only the most recent ones and favorites are here. I do have a galery on a very nice German site with lots of nice people all into the art of painting Malerfreunde.com. That galery contains a lot of my paintings from the start till 2010. Another site Star-portraits contains a portrait galery of famous people.
You can search for dutch036 my nickname in the cyberworld.



What are the goals I want to achieve?

Starting with painting in May 2007 working with those big brushes,I would never have thought I would be able to paint a portrait of my daughters or who ever! You can imagine that the day, in december 2009, I painted the pop-art painting of Elvis I was proud and also got a confident boost to do a full colour painting.

When I look back at the period from starting painting till today I do have made some progress ,now I am able to paint a portrait, with a bit of help from photo’s. But most off all, I will keep searching for my own style and subjects, so don’t know what the future will bring. So painting is like live itself! One thing is sure and thats my slogan “TOMORROW I PAINT MY MASTERPIECE”

Thanks again for visiting my site,